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    An homage to the trailblazers of the past created for the legacy makers of tomorrow, Dovert is for all those with an indescribable need from within to push beyond any limits set before them. Dovert is for those that say, “I will” when others say, “I can’t.” With an unsurpassed attention to fine detail highlighting the pioneers, iconic locations and technologies in racing and the overall insatiable quest for speed, Dovert is about subtlety in the context of adrenaline and heart-racing thrills. Focusing on premium fabrics for durability and comfort, as well as top-tier production and manufacturing, Dovert is designed for forward thinkers who at the same time want to embrace and envelop the rebellious legacies that never let rules or barriers get in their way. This is a far cry from idolization. You don’t wear Dovert, you live Dovert. Conformists need not apply.